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We at AADNA inspires to create unique jewellery with our main focus on responsibly sourced one of a kind natural stones/metals/trims etc. We aspire to tell a story with each unique design used, that not only adorn its wearer but also makes her the temporary custodian of mother earth’s treasures. 

Brides of AADNA

It’s not just a celebration, It’s an affirmation of all that is pure that lives within our hearts!


22k Pure gold custom jewellery

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Chic Jewellery in Colombo

Chic Jewellery.jpg

Journey into AADNA

Let’s start the journey into the many spaces of AADNA universe and play in the artistic fantasy of a jeweller’s dream!  Picking out the many natural stones that sings a tale of a long lost treasure and transforming it to a piece of jewellery that will adorn the woman in it, is an adventure on its own.  


We take careful measure in designing our jewellery that not only creates artistic pieces but also can be worn with much ease and practicality. Precision in manufacturing and employing the highest local craftsman talent is of paramount importance to us at AADNA and we take every effort to assure so. 


By keeping in line with global fashion movements we are constantly motivated to rise up to the challenge of translating international fashion trends to the Sri Lankan heritage thus creating unique jewellery that stand out from the crowd.

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